On February 10, 2014, the Sidney Public School Board of Education voted to place a $16.95 million bond issue on the ballot at the May Primary Election. The bond issue is for the purpose of building a new Kindergarten through 4th Grade elementary school. The new facility will replace the North, South, and Central Buildings.

appleWhy a new school?

Fact: Sidney is a growing a community.

  • The population in Sidney is increasing and the average age of our residents is decreasing.

  • Student enrollment has increased by 50 since the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.

  • These projections indicate future growth in our community.

  • Sidney kids need room to learn and grow in our schools.


Fact: A new school offers cost-saving efficiencies.

  • Annual savings on utilities at the new facility would save taxpayers 15-20%.

  • Staffing and scheduling will be streamlined in one building and coordination will be improved.

  • There will be a reduction in the duplication of services required such as multiple cafeterias, gymnasiums, music rooms, and media centers.

  • Transportation will continue to be offered to students and children will spend less time on the bus with fewer buildings to serve.

  • Sidney kids will benefit from a more efficient learning environment.


Fact: A new school will improve safety and accessibility.

  • The current buildings have long outlived their life expectancy, and it shows.

  • New structures, plumbing, and electric in the new school will make kids safer.

  • It is imperative that our buildings meet ADA requirements.

  • Technology will be updated to meet the needs of 21st century students.

  • Sidney kids deserve a safer and more accessible school.


Fact: Our time is now.

  • The need for a new building that serves Sidney’s kids is not going away.

  • Interest rates and construction costs are at historic lows.

  • The land for the school has been donated and will save $1,000,000 dollars from the school’s final price tag.

  • Renovating the old schools will cost far more per square foot than the proposed new school.

  • The time is now to invest in our future for Sidney kids!

Vote YES for Sidney’s Kids!
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